World Water Day at the Freixenet Group

At Freixenet Group we are aware that the long process of making our wines comes from the earth, from the vine, and therefore our environmental sensitivity arises from the close link between the process of making our products and the natural environment. Today, March 22, the World Water Day is celebrated to draw attention to the importance of fresh water and the defense of the sustainable management of this scarce resource. Water is an essential asset for our production processes, since despite not being incorporated into the product, it is a key element in the cleaning and disinfection of our equipment and facilities.

Throughout 2020, Freixenet Group has carried out different initiatives with the aim of reducing water consumption or improving water purification through ecoinnovation. For example, in Freixenet an innovative SBR reactor has been installed that not only reduces the contamination of process water by 27% in 2020, but also allows us to reduce by 73% in that same year the liquid waste that generates the grinding treatment plant.

Additionally, UCSA has installed a new treatment plant with active sludge treatment that allows reducing more than 98% of DQO from the waters coming from the winery and production lines, with a treatment capacity of 280m3 of discharge per day. Finally, at Segura Viudas a team has been installed to recover the rinsing water from bottles in the run, this objective has made it possible in 2020 to reduce rinsing water consumption by 80%, that is, by 1250m3.

Our goal at Freixenet Group is to continue setting sustainable development goals to be more careful about water consumption and more respectful of the environment every day.