The Freixenet Group mobilizes to help Ukraine

Faced with the serious humanitarian crisis that is taking place in Ukraine, the Freixenet Group is mobilizing to help refugees within the framework of its commitment to solidarity and human rights. For this reason, the company has carried out a series of social and economic actions to facilitate the transport of refugees and provide financial aid to organizations that are focusing their efforts on assisting and accompanying those who have had to flee their country.

Firstly, the Oetker brothers, together with the Management Committee of the Geschwister Oetker Group companies, parent company of Henkell Freixenet, have made a donation of 1.5 million euros. The amount has been allocated in equal parts to the emergency health aid programs for Ukraine from UNICEF and Welthungerhilfe, one of the largest social organizations in Germany dedicated to development and humanitarian aid. Furthermore, Henkell Freixenet has helped its employees in the Ukraine by giving them all the necessary support.

In the words of Dr. Alfred Oetker, Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Geschwister Oetker: “It is vital that everyone stands together, not only to condemn the attack, but also to help those affected.” Ferdinand Oetker, Co-CEO and Co-Owner: “The management team of our holding company wanted to send a clear signal in this regard, also to show our gratitude to all employees for their commitment to supporting people in need.”

On the other hand, in Spain, the team of solidarity employees of the Freixenet Group who are part of the Teaming project, micro-donations to social projects, have decided to allocate their donation to the Clean Community Association for their project This initiative consists of putting in contact the different agents that participate in the entire migratory process of people fleeing the war, from the moment they cross the border and enter the European Union until they arrive in Spain, where they are temporarily sheltered until they can return to their homes. Previously, the solidarity team had also collaborated with organizations such as Arrels, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Col•legi de Metges de Barcelona or Banco de Alimentos, among others.

At the same time, the Freixenet Group has helped to transfer to Barcelona the compatriots of Viktor Trofymchuk Kushnir, a Ukrainian employee of the company, who are already reunited and safe. This aid has been possible thanks to the intense collaboration of Viktor and his family with Marcelo Ignacio Ortega of the NGO Clean Community Association, the Freixenet Group Company Committee and people from the Henkell Freixenet organization in Poland and Sant Sadurní d’ Anoia.

In the words of Viktor Trofymchuk Kushnir: “I want to express my gratitude to the Freixenet Group, to thank my colleagues for all the support they have given me, the colleagues on the Works Council and also the company’s management. Thank you very much for all the help, understanding and support.”

The Henkell Freixenet Group has paralyzed all businesses located in Russia and Belarus since the beginning of the conflict, a position that it will maintain until further notice.