Henkell Freixenet shows flag for Ukraine

Not a day goes by when we are not reminded of the terrible situation in Ukraine by news, pictures or even descriptions from our personal environment. Hundreds of thousands of people – especially women and children – are on the run, without knowing when they will be able to return home and what their home will be like.

These strokes of fate touch us deeply, because it is a humanitarian crisis that has not been seen on our continent since the end of the Second World War. Accordingly, it is important that the entire world stand resolutely – not only in condemning the attack, but above all in helping the victims.

We are showing our colors by suspending business with Russia and Belarus throughout the Group until further notice when hostilities began. In doing so, we are drawing the consequences from the overall situation, which is characterized by great uncertainty and the current disruptions triggered by the Russian state led by Putin.

However, our humanitarian attention is first directed at the 28 colleagues of our Group company in Kiev, with whom we are in daily contact. After the sales office belonging to us was cleared and the employees were provided with additional liquidity through the payment of two salaries at the end of February, the focus is now primarily on the families. Together with our committed colleagues from our Group companies, particularly in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania as well as the Czech Republic, the Baltic states and Germany, we are actively working to bring the families of our Kiev office to safety.

However, we also want to get involved in helping the people in Ukraine as a whole. For example, we have set up an internal aid fund that can be drawn on by our Eastern European Group companies for regional support campaigns. We are using this to support humanitarian aid campaigns in Ukraine and for refugees. In addition, together with our employees we have launched local relief and donation campaigns at numerous Group sites to generate funds for local aid in Ukraine.

We also show the flag for Ukraine and its citizens in our internal and external communications, because as a global company we are committed to exchange, understanding and integration. For example, we have raised the Ukrainian flag at our headquarters in Wiesbaden-Biebrich and illuminate the roof in blue and yellow at night. We and many of our Group companies have also added the Ukrainian colors to our corporate web and social media sites to symbolize our commitment to peace and humanity to the outside world.

Henkell Freixenet Management on behalf of all employees