Freixenet Group, among the 100 best companies to work for in Spain according to Forbes

  • One more year, Freixenet Group is positioned among the 100 best companies to work for in Spain, according to the annual list published by Forbes, a magazine specialized in business and finance.
  • The recognition is due to the Freixenet Group’s commitment to the development of its employees, with initiatives that promote inclusion, diversity, labor flexibility and professional growth, among others.

Freixenet Group, the world leader in quality sparkling wines, has been selected for the second consecutive year among the best 100 companies with more than 250 employees to work for in Spain, according to Forbes. The media, specialized in business and finance and with an international reach, elaborates one more year the prestigious list in which it highlights the most valued companies nationwide. To do this, Forbes has assessed the opinions of employees of more than 2,000 companies through an in-depth survey conducted by Sigma Dos.

Freixenet Group, based in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, has been recognized for its commitment to cultural transformation, which puts the development and growth of people at the center. In this sense, the wine company seeks to add value to the business and people at each stage of the professional life cycle. Thus, cultural transformation -based on mutual empowerment, curiosity and learning, consumer orientation and the celebration of life-, the implementation of organizational strategies, digitalization and the development of training and wellness programs have been fundamental to become part for the second time in one of the most reputable lists of the Spanish business fabric.

Cristina García Brunet, Human Resources Director of Freixenet Group: “For the company, HR professionals must be and are strategic ambassadors and the link between all the areas that make up the company, acting as an active lever for cultural transformation. We work to achieve excellence through continuous improvement not only in our products but also in all areas of the business, and especially people, who are our differential value. Thus, it is a satisfaction for us to know that our collaborators have perceived that we are committed to this path.

People, the fundamental pillar of Freixenet Group

One of the fundamental pillars of the development and growth of Freixenet Group are the people who make up the company. Therefore, internally inclusion is encouraged, equality is promoted and the development of programs and initiatives that enhance the labor and professional well-being of its employees is committed. This fact is reflected in the work carried out by the company in recent years, which has sought to create strategies that add value to both the business and people in each of the stages of the professional life cycle.