The Freixenet Group participates in an environmental campaign against litter

  • The company’s volunteers have collected litter and waste in the natural surroundings of the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia winery

The world leader in sparkling wines Freixenet Group has shown its firm commitment to the environment by joining the campaign “1m2 contra la basuraleza” (1m2 against litter) and involving its employees. On Saturday June 12, a group of volunteers from the company cleaned the natural surroundings of the Lavernó stream that surround the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia cellars in Barcelona, Spain.

Over the course of more than two hours, the participants collected all kinds of waste and abandoned garbage, such as containers and remains of plastic, aluminium and glass, cigarette butts or papers, cleaning up the landscape and promoting the balance of the ecosystems of the area. The day has also included an awareness training by an expert technician in environmental matters and waste management from SEO BirdLife.

This environmental initiative against litter is part of the Libera project, born in 2017 and promoted by SEO BirdLife and Ecoembes. The campaign fights to stop the consequences caused by garbage and human waste left in natural spaces. This garbage causes soil and water pollution, has detrimental effects on our health, causes the extinction of animal species and encourages fires and the destruction of habitats.

Pere Ferrer, Vice President and CEO of the Freixenet Group, and Thomas Scholl, CFO of the Group, have been part of the volunteers of the day reaffirming the company’s commitment to the environment.

Through this experience, which has been adapted to comply with the maximum security and protection measures for the Covid-19 pandemic, the Freixenet Group takes another step in its commitment to sustainability and the biodiversity of the territory. “1m2 against litter” has allowed the company to generate a positive impact on its closest natural environment and increase the environmental awareness of its entire team.