Freixenet relaunches its Freixenet 0.0% alcohol-free sparkling wine with a new low-calorie formula

  • Freixenet 0.0% launches a new and attractive image and renews its formula to offer a low-calorie proposal and suitable for vegans.
  • Freixenet’s range of non-alcoholic sparkling wines is made up of a pleasant, fresh and balanced white and rosé sparkling wine.

Freixenet, a world leader in the sparkling wine market, has relaunched its range of Freixenet 0.0% Low Calorie alcohol-free sparkling wines, made up of a white and a rosé sparkling wine. Freixenet 0.0% launches a new and attractive image based on the iconic frosted bottle of Carta Nevada and renews its formula to offer a low-calorie proposal that is suitable for vegans. Through this relaunch, Freixenet reinforces its leadership in the non-alcoholic sparkling segment and its commitment to innovation.

As a result, Freixenet obtains two pleasant, fresh and balanced sparkling wines with elegant tropical and citrus aromas that arise from innovative technological processes used to dealcoholize the wine while maintaining all its characteristics. Freixenet 0.0% Low in Calories is consolidated as well as the brand’s non-alcoholic line, offering an innovative and low-calorie alternative with which it broadens its range of consumers. This relaunch demonstrates once again the innovative nature of Freixenet, which is always committed to updating and perfecting its products based on active listening to adapt to the needs of consumers, who are currently looking for alternatives for times when they want to consume a sparkling wine without alcohol and low in calories.

Tasting note

Freixenet 0.0% Low in Calories White is a refreshing and fruity sparkling wine that arises from meticulous technical research and demanding oenological tests that have allowed it to maintain the natural aromas of the grapes and their characteristics. With a bright pale yellow colour and persistent bubbles, this sparkling wine is characterized by its refreshing tropical notes and its elegant touch of citrus. With a lively, clean, fruity and fresh taste, it is a clear example of balanced acidity and is perfect for pairing with appetizers, sushi, sashimi, niguiris and light salads.

On the other hand, with an attractive pale pink colour and persistent bubbles, Freixenet 0.0% Low Calories Rosé is also sparkling, refreshing and fruity. In this case, the use of wild red fruits such as raspberries and strawberries is appreciated, which are accompanied by floral notes and tropical fruits. In addition, the balanced acidity of the product, together with the average size of the bubble, expresses the good quality of the grape and produces a refreshing sensation. Pairs perfectly with appetizers, dairy desserts, sweets, fruit sangria and fruit salad.