Forbes includes in its list of the 75 best HR directors Cristina Garcia Brunet from the Freixenet Group

Forbes, the prestigious magazine specializing in business and finance, has included Cristina Garcia Brunet, Director of Human Resources at the Freixenet Group, in the select list of the 75 best HR directors in Spain. The publication of this list comes after the Forbes ranking of the 75 best companies to work for in Spain was made public, in which the Freixenet Group has also been included.

The award-winning HR strategy of the Freixenet Group, led by Cristina Garcia Brunet, consists of adding value to the business and to people in each of the stages of the professional life cycle through cultural transformation processes, the implementation of organizational strategies that allow efficiency of available resources, digitalization and the development of programs and policies that foster a culture of empowerment, curiosity and continuous learning, as well as an inclusive and sustainable leadership style.

Graduated in Psychology and Business Administration from Campbell University (USA), Master’s in Human Resources and Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Cristina Garcia Brunet has been working at the Freixenet Group for 10 years. During this period of time, she has stood out for her contribution to the processes of searching for and attracting talent, training and development programs of the company, creation of an online training platform and her facilitation in management projects of change. In 2021 Cristina was appointed Director of the company’s Human Resources Department. Her challenge is to lead, from HR, organizational strategies that accompany the business in reaching its objectives, as well as promoting programs and actions that foster a culture oriented towards training and development to retain and attract the best talent.

“The employees of our company are our engine. Our claim, “Celebrate life” would not be possible without their talent, commitment and effort”, they make it possible for the world to celebrate the small and great things in life, says Cristina.

Likewise, García Brunet affirms that the key to finding harmony within the work environment lies in the balance between the implementation of a transformative culture and continuous development (lifelong learning), performance evaluation systems and the development of two-way communication channels. . In short, “caring for talent and pampering the happiness of workers through specific programs and a “living” cultural transformation that promote personal and professional development”, emphasizes Cristina García Brunet. Among them, the Freixenet e-Academy online training platform or the company’s Health and Well-being Program stand out, awarded as “good practice” by Foment del Treball.

The Freixenet Group has also launched a flexible teleworking policy that allows employees to work up to four days a week from home, without restrictions and offering the comfort of being able to adapt to different situations according to each need.