The Cavas Freixenet host the presentation of the signings of CE Noia Freixenet

From Freixenet we celebrate having welcomed in our emblematic Cavas the presentation of the new signings of Club Esportiu Noia Freixenet, the hockey club of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. In our commitment to local sport, this event consisted of the presentation of the new and exciting sports project for the 2022/23 season with the new additions to the team.

The new project is marked by the return of the players Martí Gabarró and Kyllian Gil and the promotion to the first team of the goalkeeper of the subsidiary, Jan Marimón. As for the technical team, it is also reinforced with club staff: David Cañadas and Jordi Esteva will be the assistants of Pere Varias, while Jordi Del Amor joins as a delegate.

CE Noia and Freixenet, 49 years of commitment

Freixenet’s relationship with CE Noia was born in 1973 and is about to celebrate 50 years of experience in support of local sport. This historic sponsorship is, therefore, the longest in the history of roller hockey and, at the same time, becomes one of the most faithful bets of the state sport.

The great successes of Club Deportivo Noia have always come linked to the name of Freixenet. This has been the case with the European Cup (1988/89), the two Continental Cups (1988/89 – 2014/15), the two CERS Cups (1997/98 – 2013/14), the European Cup Winners’ Cup (1987/88), the state league (1987/88) and the two King’s Cups (1998 and 2008).

We wish them success in their new sports project!