Freixenet Cordón Negro: 50 years of the most universal Cava

Cordón Negro, Freixenet’s most universal cava, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024 while maintaining the festive, casual and elegant style that has conquered the world since its launch in 1974. The brand has celebrated this important milestone in Barcelona at an international party set in the cultural scene of the 70s and traveling in time to the present day. As part of this celebration, the new image of Cordón Negro and the new logo of Freixenet were also presented.


Half a century of an iconic cava

Cordón Negro was born under the leadership of José Ferrer, current Honorary President of Freixenet, who with his innovative spirit and his international vocation wanted to create a young and fresh cava to the taste of European consumers and present it in a sophisticated and groundbreaking way in a matte black frosted bottle that has become iconic. Curiously, where it first triumphed was in the United States, the first country where it managed to be #1 as the best-selling imported sparkling wine in 1983. There it became hugely popular and became known as “The Black Bottle.”

Subsequently, Cordon Negro reached #1 in the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, France and numerous other countries, becoming the most exported cava in the world. In this powerful global expansion, the brand’s differential and avant-garde advertising strategy played a crucial role. Thus, Cordón Negro conquered sparkling wine lovers internationally until it became the global icon it is today, present in more than 130 countries on five continents.

But Cordón Negro’s influence goes far beyond land borders. It has been part of transcendental moments at a global level, from the exciting and remembered Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, to the adrenaline of the MotoGP Awards, being the official cava in both events. It has even transcended the atmosphere to accompany astronaut Helena Kondakova on the MIR Space Station, becoming the first sparkling wine to reach outer space, in 1994.


The brand debuts packaging and logo

As part of its 50th anniversary, Freixenet Cordón Negro debuts a new image characterized by its distinction, elegance and modernity. The new design rejuvenates and premiumizes the brand, includes its iconic hallmarks and features the new Freixenet logo. “We are delighted with the new design,” says Pedro Ferrer, Co-CEO and Vice President of Freixenet Group. “It’s more premium, it’s safer, it’s more distinctive. It will distinguish Freixenet from the competition and reinforce our reputation as an innovative, progressive and customer-centric brand.”

The new presentation of Cordón Negro is more respectful of the environment. In the case of the mini format, the weight of the bottle and the use of plastic have been reduced, while in the standard bottle more sustainable materials are used, dispensing with lamination on the front label.

2024 is also the perfect time to unveil the new Freixenet logo to the world, as this year marks 110 years since Pedro Ferrer Bosch and Dolors Sala Vivé founded the Freixenet brand in 1914. The new logo is inspired by the unique mosaic façade of Cavas Freixenet in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, designed by the architect Joan Torras Puig. It represents the enduring values that are the foundation of the brand and the keys to its future success. The logo offers what all great brands look for their identity but few find: a unique and meaningful story behind its design. In addition, it proudly showcases the dynamic letter X in the center as an unmistakable emblem of the brand’s quality and cheerful spirit.

“The new logo resonates strongly with consumers,” argues Martina Obregón, Global CMO at Freixenet. “The Freixenet brand is not just a label for our iconic products, it is an emotional experience that represents their aspirations and attitude to life.  The new logo has been carefully crafted to elevate their spirits and effectively convey our brand values in a crowded market. It will also attract a new audience, ensuring the sustained growth and relevance of our brand for years to come.”


An innovative revolution in the sector

Cordón Negro is a light Cava appreciated for its great freshness, with a very balanced acidity. It is made up of a blend of the three typical varieties of Cava from Penedès: Parellada, Macabeo and Xarel·lo. It was a real revolution in the sector due to its modern workmanship and an innovative production process, being the first Cava to ferment at a controlled temperature to enhance aromas and freshness. Cordón Negro was oenologically designed in this unique way to make the Anglo-Saxon public, who love aromatic and fresh sparkling wines, fall in love. Thanks to this, he ended up conquering the whole world. In other words, it was designed thinking about and adapting to consumer tastes, as is characteristic of Freixenet.

In addition, its exceptional quality has been recognized internationally on numerous occasions by the most demanding experts. Of particular note is the medal for best Cava in the world and best sparkling wine in Spain awarded to Cordón Negro Brut Magnum by the prestigious competition The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships in 2021 and 2022, a prestigious competition headed by the renowned British wine writer and critic Tom Stevenson.

Without a doubt, Cordón Negro is one of Freixenet’s most emblematic Cavas and the most universal. Thanks to its glamorous, cosmopolitan image and pleasant fruity aromas, it has been for five decades and continues to be the ideal companion to celebrate the big and small moments of life around the world.


– Milestones of Freixenet Cordón Negro

1974. Worldwide launch of Cordón Negro under the leadership of José Ferrer. This is the first Cava in the sector to be vinified at a controlled temperature, enhancing the aromas.

1983. Cordón Negro Brut reaches #1 in sales in the United States, becoming the best-selling imported sparkling wine in the country.

1985. Freixenet, world leader in Cava, thanks mainly to the success of Cordón Negro.

1992. Cordón Negro is the official Cava of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games.

1992. Cordón Negro reaches #1 in sparkling wine sales in the United Kingdom.

1994. From the Mir International Station, astronaut Helena Kondakova celebrates Christmas with Cordón Negro, the first sparkling wine to reach outer space.

1994. Cordón Negro’s “bottle car” appears as an innovative promotional tool that has toured multiple countries.

1995. Cordón Negro reaches the record of presence in 100 export countries, being the most exported Cava in the world.

1999. Cordón Negro achieves its world sales record so far, driven by the celebrations of the turn of the millennium.

2003. Cordón Negro becomes the official Cava of the MotoGP celebrations.

2019. Cordón Negro reaches #1 in sales of sparkling wines in France.

2019. Cordón Negro is advertised on the screens of Times Square in New York.

2021. Cordón Negro Brut Magnum voted best Cava in the world at The Champagne & Sparkling Wine Championships, directed by Tom Stevenson.

2024. Cordón Negro celebrates its 50th Anniversary.